Monday, February 10, 2020

Donald Palmers introduction to Western Philosophy Essay

Donald Palmers introduction to Western Philosophy - Essay Example A country’s constitution is used to protect the laws and rights of people residing in that country at any particular time. The constitution also gives guideline on how the law should be applied and interpreted. Politicians are given the mandate of changing the constitution and coming up with new laws that are meant for the greater good of the people and the country as well. A popular trend noticed during the campaigns is the issue of a personal manifesto, which stipulates what the politician will do for the people. Some greedy leaders have constantly exploited the authority given politicians by the constitution to change the laws. Such cases are popular in the African countries where there have been incidents whereby the president convinces his fellow politicians to change the constitution so that he or she can hold office for a longer period. This is where the current president’s political party has more people in parliament of political positions and this makes it eas y for him or her to do such a thing. Greedy politicians have passed laws that are in their favor failing to consider the greater good of other persons. There have been the passing of laws in some country that exempt the politicians from paying taxes and in order to cover for the lost tax, they increase the basic tax for the ordinary person. They also change the laws making them become the well-paid employees in the country.  Ã‚  To stress the impact of rules on people he quotes a person who was giving his experience on oppressive rules.

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