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Screening For Alcohol And Drug Use For Prenatal Care

â€Å"Since 1985 about 250 Women in 30 states have been criminally prosecuted in relation to drug abuse while pregnant.† (Coles, par 16) Since there isn’t a law in place for a woman being convicted for drinking or smoking while pregnant, they dig a little deeper and get more technical. Charges for unlawful child neglect, delivering drugs to a minor, homicide by child abuse and even manslaughter have been given to mothers who abuse drugs or alcohol while pregnant. Some even believe in terminating the woman’s parental rights. Whether or not the child shows signs before birth, they have started to test newborns for drugs and prosecute from there. (NAPW, par 33-35) â€Å"Screening for alcohol and drug use in prenatal care is widely promoted in the United States as a public health strategy for reducing alcohol and drug use during pregnancy.† (Roberts, par 1) I think that they’re promoting drug and alcohol testing in prenatal care to help the mother get help, not punish her for doing them. Reading through a few articles on prenatal testing, I realized that most women see it as the doctor is going to turn over her information to the enforcements, which is not the case. In the fear of getting in trouble, mothers will avoid prenatal care all together, which is a problem in itself. Trying to find a happy medium where we can try to escape the statistics of children having side effects due to drugs or alcohol, might have to start at the source -- the seller. â€Å"Two restaurant workers have beenShow MoreRelatedToday, â€Å"The Number Of Girls And Women Doing Time Is Utterly900 Words   |  4 Pagesoften unplanned and high-risk and are compromised by a lack of prenatal care, poor nutrition, domestic violence, mental illness, and drug and alcohol abuse. Upon entry into a prison or jail, every woman of childbearing age should be assessed for pregnancy risk by inquiring about menstrual history, heterosexual activity, and contraceptive use and tested for pregnancy, as appropriate, to enable the provision of adequate perinatal care and abortion services. Incarcerated women who wish to continue theirRead MoreAmerica s Child Poverty Levels889 Words   |  4 Pagesinfant mortality, and stillbirth, is the goal of Healthy People 2020. Recommending the following to have a healthy pregnancy such as having a healthy weight, not to use illegal drugs, getting vaccinated, taking prenatal and or during pregnancy vitamins, managing any chronic condi tions prior of having a baby, having recommended screening test and controlling diabetes. Birth defects, also known as congenital anomalies, is the second leading cause of death for infant accounted for 20.9 percent of allRead MoreThe Importance Of A Substance Abuse Treatment Group Essay1441 Words   |  6 Pagesbreak the barriers that mother-child relationships may face in result to maternal addiction and substance-abuse. Treatment that is geared for maternal addicted mothers can help them recover quickly and protect their infant children from the dangers of drugs and health consequences. The program will be gender specific, distinctively for substance-dependent women who are mothers. The group will conduct its work by following through a four step recovery process with professionals who will help facilitateRead MoreEssentials Of Health Policy And Law2548 Words   |  11 PagesUniversity Essentials of Health Policy and Law - Health Policy Analysis Problem Statement What action should President Obama take to attenuate the problem of drug abuse among expecting mothers during pregnancy? Background In the United States, there has been a growing concern for the number of newborn children that have been exposed to drugs while in utero. The defenseless fetus is subject to any and all substances that the mother ingests, injects, or inhales into her body. Significantly decreasedRead MoreOBStudyQuestions Test11710 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿1. The nurse is caring for a pregnant woman who admits to cocaine and ecstasy use on a regular basis. The client states, â€Å"Everybody knows that alcohol is bad during pregnancy, but what’s the big deal about ecstasy?† the best response by the nurse is â€Å"Ecstasy: A. Can Cause Fever in you and therefore cause the baby harm. B. Leads to deficiencies of thiamine and folic acid, which help baby develop. (Alcohol) C. Produces babies with small heads and short bodies with brain function alterations (Cocaine)Read MoreDescription and Analysis of the Different Types of Gangs in the US1060 Words   |  5 Pagesacross the United States. This gang is known for their excessive violence and drug distribution (, 2014). Latino gangs are usually a formation of Hispanic individuals. The cultural ties of these individuals usually include Mexicans, El Salvadorians, Chicanos, South Americans, Cubans, and other people of Spanish speaking countries. These gangs usually abide by a strict code of silence and loyalty. They use monikers, dress distinctively, have specific tattoos, and communicate through graffitiRead MoreSubstance Use Screening And Assessment Measures And Their Impact On Treatment2058 Words   |  9 PagesSubstance Use Screening and Assessment Measures and Their Impact on Treatment Tiffany L. Williams Post University Abstract This paper highlights 3 substance use screening and assessment measures that are commonly utilized in diagnostic assessment. The T-ACE, DALI and SBIRT tools are used across several domains, and in multiple healthcare settings. The purpose of this paper is to describe these assessment tools, and how they impact human services providers working in addictions treatment. Keywords:Read MoreFetal Alcohol Syndrome The Effects of Alcohol on a Fetus During Pregnancy1727 Words   |  7 Pages Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is caused by fetal exposure to alcohol during pregnancy and is characterized by specific patters of fetal deformities. Researchers are unsure at what stage in the pregnancy these malformations occur or the amount of alcohol consumed to cause these deformities. FAS is the leading cause of mental retardation that is preventable. There are usually three factors pertaining to a diagnosis of FAS: â€Å"the presence of prenatal/postnatal growth retardation, craniofacial anomaliesRead MoreThe Effects Of Low Birth Weight On Infants1518 Words   |  7 Pagesconsist of 7% of live births, however, 35% of the cost of health care goes towards caring for low birth weight infants. Studies show that African American infants are twice more than Caucasian infants to have a low birth weight. To bring a life into this world takes more than conception; s acrifices need to be made, nurturing, and providing a safe home for the child, but many minorities struggle to fulfill these needs. Health and health care are imperative when it comes to being an expecting mother; thereforeRead MoreViolence And Sexual Abuse At The Health Care Agencies1576 Words   |  7 PagesViolence is defined as: â€Å"The use of physical force intended to hurt, to kill someone or something, to damage or to harm someone†. It is a major public health and human rights problem that often goes unrecognized and unreported. It is a common source of physical, psychological, and emotional morbidity that occurs in all communities, regardless of social, economic, religious, or cultural group. There are different types of violence and abuse such as homicide, school violence, intimate partner violence

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